Everything You Need To Know About Fleet Tracking Systems In 2020

Fleet management systems are a stellar way to keep track of your business’ vehicles. Whether you are looking to ensure your employees’ safety or you want to track their location and communicate with them from your office, having one of these systems will surely help. We at Track Ltd have compiled this short guide to fleet tracking systems.

What is a Fleet Management System?

Basically, this nifty system is primarily used for delivery or sales car fleets. Having one of these devices installed in your cars means that you can collect vital data from them, such as engine status, temperature, fuel data and vehicle location. This device is installed in the vehicle and connects directly to a cloud server — presenting you with real-time data from anywhere. It works by using a sensor that sends information through a GPS signal to and from your mobile or computer.

What can it be used for?

Route Planning
Route Optimisation
Proof of Delivery
Communication with fleet drivers
Fuel management
Real-Time location tracking with live traffic
Vehicle Maintenance and Servicing
Driver Behaviour
Safety management
Speeding concerns
Identifying high-risk drivers

What are the benefits of investing in one?

There are huge benefits when it comes to using a fleet management system for your business. It does not only keep track of your fleet maintenance data for you, but also provides you with huge cost savings. It helps you keep track of how your employees are driving This means that you can identify any careless or harsh drivers in your fleet. This does not only increase safety on the road, but also reduces wear and tear in your fleet cars. It increases safety Having these devices means that you will know if your employee has been in an accident. As it sends real-time data directly to you when something like this happens. Apart from all that, having a tracking system is a sure-fire way to track any of your vehicles if they get stolen. Through the fleet management system access on your computer, you can track your car without having to pay any extra costs. It does not just track data FMSs today are not just for vehicle tracking. Through an array of different modules, one can have a better understanding of what is happening with the vehicles in real-time and act accordingly.