GPS Tracking with Live Traffic
Track the location of your vehicles with real-time traffic directly from the cloud.
Fleet Maintenance
Automate the maintenance of your vehicles with ease. Accessing maintenance information about your fleet with upcoming service dates, repair costs, expiring documents and licenses.
Driver Behaviour
Monitor your drivers’ performance automatically. Our algorithm will calculcate several categories automatically such as speed and cornering, and thus you’ll be able to see their conduct and help them improve accordingly.
Vehicle Inspection
Create custom inspections with different schedules to help you lessen the costs and easily avoid and detect issues before they appear.
Temperature Monitoring
Monitor the temperature of your fleet automatically and in real-time. Set threshold alerts to be notified immediately when temperature changes.
Mobile Applications
Monitor your fleet wherever you go by accessing it directly from your smartphone for both IOS and Android. Easily see the progress of your drivers, see temperatures and set alerts on the fly.
Our Fleet Management System

With track fleet management system you can track all of your vehicles and assets from any where using an Internet Browser or using our dedicated app. Our cloud based software is made up from incredible modules such as: Location of every asset in real time, Driver Behaviour Analysis, Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance, Vehicle Booking, Multiple Temperature/Humidity monitor per vehicle. In addition power reporting and alerts module can help you analyse and automate the monitoring of your fleet.

Increase Efficiency
Reduce CO2 emissions
Save on Fuel Costs
Reduce Accidents
Reduce Vehicle Maintenance
Mission Statement

Incorporating IOT technologies to automate business processes whilst making them as reachable, affordable and easy as possible to everyone; using revolutionary solutions.


Using technology to track assets and automate business processes


Find new ways to use revolutionary IOT technologies whilst making them reachable to everyone


Committed to building long term profitable relationships

We believe that the features of track fleet management system are unmatched and that is why we offer a free demo on site and also a Free Trial with no obligation. We offer different packages and tailor-made solutions for every environment and thus  we can get you up and running in no-time. If you already made an investment in hardware to monitor your fleet and would like a better Cloud Managed software to manage your assets we can interface with it directly. Contact Us for more information.
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