4 reasons your business needs a fleet management system

If you run a business that relies on a fleet of vehicles to deliver goods, then knowing where they are is key. This is also true if your business has a fleet of company cars which field staff use to go about their duties. Unfortunately, for many organisations, this can sometimes be a real headache. There can be many complexities involved, from uncertainty around a vehicle’s exact location to when a driver last had their rest period.Modern Cloud-based fleet management systems take all these problems away and make it simpler to manage your fleet. But just how can using this type of system increase productivity and make your life easier?

But what should you look for when it comes to fleet management packages?

Increased operational visibility
If there is one thing that all fleet managers need to know it is where a vehicle is located and what activities the driver is currently engaged in. Any lack of clarity here can prove disastrous for your business and hinder your efforts to work in the most efficient manner. Using a fleet management system will enable you to see exactly where any one delivery is through effective GPS tracking technology. This vehicle tracking happens in real-time and allows you to stay fully updated on all your fleets movements.

Better vehicle maintenance
Being able to track maintenance information about your fleet is key. This can come in very handy for inspection purposes as you will be able to easily see when a vehicle needs one due to the data provided or simply that it has done the miles to warrant one. In addition, a good fleet management system brings together vital analytics like how many cars are in your fleet in one central dashboard. It can also be set up to notify you automatically when certain licenses need renewing, so you don’t forget. All this makes the job of managing you fleet simpler and more efficient.

Track driver behaviour
As well as vehicle tracking, this advanced tech solution is also useful for tracking driver behaviour. After all, you may set out guidelines for drivers to follow but do you really know if this happens? With this modern system in place, you will get real-time driver data to interpret such as speed, distance driven and how long someone has been driving for. This allows you to step in if you notice anything concerning and ensure your staff are driving sensibly.

Monitor temperature in fleet
For many companies who run fleets, transporting refrigerated goods is a reality. Being able to keep these goods at the right temperature when delivering them is a must. Modern fleet systems allow you to monitor the temperature of each vehicle to ensure it stays below a critical level. If this level is exceeded, then automatic warnings are sent to you so immediate action can be taken.

Let Track help keep your fleet mobile
If you need a reliable and powerful Cloud-based fleet management system, get in touch today. Our innovative software will give you all the analytical data you need to manage your drivers and vehicles. From vehicle tracking to driver behaviour information, Track are the people to rely on when it comes to managing your fleet.

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