Fuel Management

Fuel Dashboards

See fuel trends across vehicles


Transmits data about the fuel level to the vehicles tracking system from the car's on-board computer to read fuel data

Receipt Import

Import fuel receipts directly in the system and include them in vehicle costs calculations

Fuel Caps

Analyse whether the fuel tank caps were opened when they are supposed to be opened

Fuel Technology

Large businesses may find managing their fleet fuel to be a challenging issue. With TrackMT, it's simple to enter, examine, and analyse all of your fuel data on a one, user-friendly platform.

You can accurately project the total fuel usage of your fleet by knowing the average fuel consumption of each vehicle and its estimated workload.

You may get a complete picture of the fuel consumption lifecycle in your fleet by integrating fleet fuel management solutions with various fuel-related interfaces.

 In the long term, that means there won't be any opportunity for human error because every fuel expense would be taken into consideration.

Real-Time Monitoring

Features of the Module
  • Monitor Fuel in Real-Time
  • Total Fuel and Projected consumption
  • Reduce Fuel Theft
  • Multiple ways to monitor fuel

Competitive advantage

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Beyond GPS Tracking


Why choose TrackMT

Easy Monitoring

Easy monitoring of fuel by using different sensors and latest technology

Save Money

Save money by analysing fuel costs

Single Platform

The Fuel Management Module is also part of the Same Platform