Video Telematics

Live Streaming

Oversee real-time footage of every vehicle in real-time

Automatic event detection

Events are automatically saved to the platform when something noteworthy happens on the road

Memory Card Access

Access the storage of each camera or DVR remotely from the platform. No need to physically go to the vehicle

Manual Record

The manual record button, automatically uploads footage even before the driver presses the button and also sends an alert to the fleet manager

Advanced Video Telematics

All of your company vehicles have reliable video access thanks to fleet video telematics. When used with the TrackMT fleet management platform, even a single fleet dash cam per vehicle enables you to do a lot of things, like receive evidence in the event of an accident, enhance your fleet's driving practises, stay in compliance with regulations, and more!

Video evidence can provide indisputable proof that your employee is not at fault in a collision and shield your company from unjustified claims and reputational harm.

Certain driving practises have drawbacks. For instance, driving while distracted makes accidents more likely, driving too fast increases fuel usage, and so on. Such situations can be identified by sophisticated video telematics, which can also send video to the TrackMT platform and notify the fleet manager.

Real-Time Monitoring

Features of the Module
  • Live Streaming
  • Cloud Video Storage
  • Multiple Cams per vehicle
  • Different types of cams
  • Dedicated Module
  • Footage Archival

Competitive advantage

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Beyond GPS Tracking


Why choose TrackMT

Easy Monitoring

Monitor all video with ease directly from the map. Footage can be exported or shared

Cloud Storage

Footage is saved locally in the vehicle in the cloud for easy access depending on configurations

Single Platform

The video telematics module is part and parcel of the TrackMT platform. No need for additional software. Accessible directly from the web