GPS Tracking

Real-Time GPS Location

See the exact location of all your vehicles in real-time

Current Route & Speed

To ensure accurate driving and on-time arrival, check your driver's route selection and speed

Live Map

Real-Time Location, Driver Behaviour, Fuel and Tasks.

Device Status Monitoring

In Case something happens to the device you will be notified

Driver Data on Display

Being able to see the drivers' current driving time, distance driven, helps with planning and assigning tasks.

Real-Time Supply Voltage

Predict Battery failures by continously monitoring Supply Battery Voltages

Temperature Data

Real-Time Temperature Data directly on the vehicle

Route Replay

Replay the route, in different time intervals

Configurable Settings

The beauty of our platform is that every module is highly configurable and in this case the user can view or hide any settings applicable. These will affect what is shown under each vehicle and on the map.

Detailed Information

All In one simple dashboard for each vehicle
  • Distance, Driving and Stoppage Times
  • Current Location
  • Drive Rating
  • Fuel
  • Supply Voltage
  • Route History
  • Current Mobile Operator
  • Current Driver

Competitive advantage

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Beyond GPS Tracking


Why choose TrackMT

Accurate Tracking

Real-Time Accurate Tracking with detailed Route History


Our after sales support is unmatched with dedicated help desk syste, 

Easy to use

Our platform is designed with the user mind making it very easy to use with sleek inuitive design