What is a fleet management system?

Many businesses across the country will rely on a fleet of commercial vehicles to operate. Whether it is using vans to deliver goods or sending out sales reps in company cars, running a fleet is vital to many organisations. The problem for some businesses is to find a way to effectively manage it all. This is where fleet management comes into play. Proper fleet management will help you to organise your commercial vehicles and always know their location along with a host of other features.

But what should you look for when it comes to fleet management packages?

What is a fleet management system exactly?
By far the easiest way for all companies to do this is with a fleet management system. This is a system that uses the latest technology to make vehicle tracking simple. While old-fashioned systems relied on expensive hardware being fitted to each vehicle, modern ones use next-gen Cloud computing infrastructure to operate. This sees GPS tracking available from a mobile app or internet browser. Once the system is live, data is collected on the movements of all your commercial fleet via the Cloud and sent back to you in real-time. This makes keeping track of where each vehicle is simple along with being able to check which route has been taken, fleet maintenance details and driver behaviour information, amongst other things.

What specific benefits does this kind of system offer?
The above sets out what fleet management systems can do for your business and what they are in general terms. But what specific advantages do they deliver?

Cost Savings – one of the major bonuses of this kind of system for business is the money it will save. By allowing you to check routes being taken remotely, you can ensure the quickest one is always used. This will save your company a lot of money on fuel costs. In addition, this will also allow more deliveries to be made or more appointments completed in one working day. Using this system as a vehicle inspection tool will also help you to spot minor issues to repair before they turn into something more expensive.

Improve your Driver’s Behaviour – modern fleet management systems are not just for vehicle tracking. One key feature is how they can enable you to track an individual driver’s behaviour on the road. If you notice they speed regularly, for example, you can speak with them when they return to resolve it. This will mean all your drivers conduct themselves properly when driving to protect your brand image.

Flexible and Mobile – modern business is fast-moving and you may sometimes need to deal with situations on the fly, as they happen. A fleet management system helps as you instantly see what is happening to respond accordingly. It can also help with work management as you always know where each vehicle is when assigning new tasks that have just come in. Most can be used via mobile phones also which means you stay in touch, even if you are not at your desk.

Let Track help with a Fleet Management System
If you are looking for a cutting-edge fleet management system that uses Cloud technology to operate, get in touch today. Our system allows you not only to track your vehicles in real-time but also maintain your fleet effectively into the future. Available to use on desktop browser or mobile app, it will make managing your fleet simple and hassle free.