Asset Tracking

Track any Asset

Track any asset from tools, to skips to large machinery and high valueable items. The possibilities are endless of what can be tracked

Small Beacons

The beacons used are very small, with an incredible longle battery life, and extensive range thus will be able to fit in small equipment and assets

Moving or Stationery

It doesn't make a difference if the asset is moving or is stationery. The appropriate trackers or beacons will be used accordingly


Receive automated alerts for any fridge, freezer, walkin chamber or warehouse by setting up temperature parameters with different thresholds.

Additional Data

Apart from location, one can also take advantage from measuring other data points such as Temperature, Humidity, Movement and Buzzers

Logistics & Construction

Logistics and Construction companies can take advantage of the benefits of such system, where there are a lot of machinery and equipment involved.


Receive automated alerts whenever these trackers or beacons receive, send, or detect applicable data

Monitor on the Go

Monitor every single asset on Go from a dedicated mobile application. Receive Temperature alerts directly in app.

Smart Tracking

Track anything, including scooters, shipping containers, construction machinery, boats, trailers, and agricultural equipment.

To make sure that all of your assets are located, utilise TrackMT asset tracking software, which is simple to use and compatible with a variety of location detection methods.

Track all of your shipping and cargo containers, as well as any other commodities that are in transit. The TrackMT platform will keep you informed about the location and status of the asset.

Track Anything

Features of the Module
  • Track Any Asset
  • Equipment and Machinery
  • Battery Operated or Not
  • Works inconjuction with other modules
  • Long Battery Life if portable assets are used
  • Configurable Alerts
  • Dedicated Mobile App

Competitive advantage

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Beyond GPS Tracking


Why choose TrackMT

Battery Operated

Track small equipment and high valueable assets where power is not available

Reduce Theft

Having high valuable assets and equipment tracked will deter any thiefs, or be notified if assets are stolen

Single Platform

The Asset Tracking works in conjuction with the other modules and tracking equipment, thus you will see a holistic management system