Time Tracking

Employee Clock-In

No need for hardware, just a mobile application for employees to clock-in

Manage Work Load

Manage the work loads easily using the backend platform of the system by seeing detailed accounts of daily activities

Different Departments

Construction Workers, Warehouse employees, freelancers and security personnel

Mobile Application

A dedicated mobile app with the ability for the user or driver to login, and starting and ending the shift

Advanced Time Tracking

Large teams might be difficult to lead. Even more so when you're in charge of a large team that includes office and field workers who work days, nights, weekends and holidays. Introduce a work time tracker that fits every team, regardless of your field, location, or tasks, to increase the efficiency of your internal business processes.

Adjust the working hour parameters so that they are suitable for each member of your team. Cover morning shifts, evening shifts, and even night shifts in teams or singly. Maintain a precise record of employee workload.

Understand each employee's daily, weekly, and monthly workload. You'll be able to divide jobs more fairly and prevent someone from being overworked or compensated inadequately.

Time Tracking

Features of the Module
  • Remote-Clocking
  • Dedicated App
  • Time Management
  • Shift Tracking
  • Workload Management
  • User Login

Competitive advantage

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Beyond GPS Tracking


Why choose TrackMT

Easy Time Tracking

Manage Time and workloads with ease

Works for everyone

Construction Workers, Warehouse Personnel, Sales Force, Transporation and Logistics, Freelancers etc...

Single Platform

The time tracking module is part of the TrackMT platform. No need for additional software. Accessible directly from the web for Managers and Users from the mobile app