What should you look for when choosing a Fleet Management System?

Many businesses rely on their fleet of commercial vehicles to operate. From those which need trucks to deliver goods, to those employees working across various locations in company cars, it is a key part of many organisations. In the past, managing these fleet of vehicles was something that could be time-consuming and tricky. This has changed greatly in recent years though thanks to modern fleet management systems.Now, fleet managers can make the most out of these systems to easily stay up to date with all the information they need around their company vehicles. This allows them to make sure their fleet is operating in the most efficient way and plan more effectively for the future.

But what should you look for when it comes to fleet management packages?

Basically, this nifty system is primarily used for delivery or sales car fleets. Having one of these devices installed in your cars means that you can collect vital data from them, such as engine status, temperature, fuel data and vehicle location. This device is installed in the vehicle and connects directly to a cloud server — presenting you with real-time data from anywhere. It works by using a sensor that sends information through a GPS signal to and from your mobile or computer.

Real-time GPS tracking
Another feature that any fleet management system should contain is real-time vehicle tracking. This allows you to instantly know where any car or van is and thus makes managing your fleet simpler. A great tip is to look for packages that operate in the Cloud as these use super-accurate GPS to track your fleet with. Vehicle tracking is also essential so you can make sure drivers are taking the most direct or suitable route on a job.

Ability to track driver behaviour
It is not just the vehicles themselves that you can use this type of system for. Managing your fleet is also about taking steps to manage the employees that drive them too. This will ensure your drivers use the vehicles in the correct way when on the road and help to promote a positive brand image. Many fleet management packages now allow this by providing driver behaviour tracking. You can see their average speed along with other metrics such as excessive acceleration or braking. You can then review each drivers performance to either reward them or help them improve.

Mobile functionality
The modern fleet manager is no longer sat in front of their desk, staring at a screen all day! They will be busy moving from site to site or maybe even remotely working from home. This means that any fleet management software you use must have mobile functionality. This will allow you to access the system from any mobile device as well as a standard internet browser. If you also use software that is IoT enabled then you have a truly modern solution which will integrate with other business tools for extra efficiency.

Innovative fleet management solution
If you are looking for a fleet management system that delivers all of the above, choose Track. Our cutting-edge fleet management solution allows for effective vehicle tracking that always puts you in full control. With a whole host of other amazing features included from fleet maintenance to driver behaviour, it is the best fleet management package around.

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